Bend Havanese – Havanese Puppies (Sunriver, Bend, Salem, Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA)

Puppies were raised in our home close to Sunriver, Oregon.

Havanese Puppies – Sorry NO MORE puppies in the future.


5 Happy Havanese - Ready to view June 7 2014

5 Happy Havanese – Born May 15, 2014



Allie's 3rd Litter - 1 wk

Allie’s 3rd Litter – 1 wk




Havanese Puppies - 4 weeks

Havanese Puppies – Born Oct 2013: Luna, Coco, Lucy, Emma and K2.


Puppy Video – Birthday May 15, 2014

Puppy Video – Birthday Oct 21, 2013

Puppy Video – Birthday Oct 21, 2013

Puppy Video

Puppy Video

Allie, the dam, is a Red Sable with Irish pied markings. She has highlights of silver and faint cream on face, ears, back and tail. She is 12 lbs; 2 years old.

Tico, the sire, is a Sable; Light cream with darker color on ears, back and tail. He is 15 lbs; 5 years old.

Tico and Allie                    Tico & Allie snuggling

Tico (Sire) posing next to Allie (Dam)                            Snuggle Time

Fresh Snow                     Allie as a puppy

Allie’s first snow                                                                Allie as a puppy


Havanese Puppies  5 Happy Havanese Puppies

Havanese Sable Puppies – Born March 2013 - 4 weeks old: Hachi, Nemo, Dory, Molly & Sachi.



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Female Sable Available

Female Sable – Playtime

Emma - the last to go

Aiko (Emma) & Dory




Havanese Puppies - 4 weeks

Aiko, Sable Female, 8 weeks Aiko, Sable Female, 8 weeks

See The Havanese Facts Page for traits and characteristics:
Havanese Facts


Female Sable - Playtime

Female Sable – Playtime

Aiko, up close

Aiko, up close


Hachi - the first one out

Hachi – the first one out


Nemo & Dory

Nemo & Dory

Sachi - 10 weeks

Sachi – 10 weeks